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Sushil Prakash

Rose Expert & Engineer


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Roses in Aspirational India


With the high economic growth rate and GDP, it is now time for India on the World Stage. A young population with an average age of 28 years and a high disposable income with them will in the next years spend on Roses and other ornamental plants to decorate their homes. With the burgeoning middle and upper middle class, the country is seeing a strong movement towards nature and greenery in their homes and around the gated communities.

This will bring a new demand of Roses which will not be in the conventional style. For a billion plus population, is the Rose World geared up to serve this specific demand. The biggest and the most vibrant democracy will throw challenges hitherto not envisaged by the Rosarians, Hybridizers and Nurserymen.


In his words:

“Cutting steel is my hard side and growing Roses is my soft side”

Sushil Prakash is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and started growing Roses as a hobby during his early college days. He started exhibiting his Roses since 1986 in the local shows and winning soon became his habit. From hobby to exhibitor, exhibitor to Rosarian, from Rosarian to judge & trainer and then to a consultant, Mr. Prakash’s dedication to flowers and gardening made him take up office in the MP Rose Society., where he held the Presidents position for 3 terms and also hosted All India Rose Federation Convention. This convention was a huge success with over 400 delegates. He also regularly talks on Roses and Environment on Radio, TV shows and in various conventions. He is consultant to various prestigious gardens in Bhopal.

He has attended eleven WFRS Conventions- Regional, Heritage and World Conventions in Germany, New Zealand, Spain, France, India (Hyderabad), Slovenia, Denmark, China, India (Kolkata), Australia and Brussels. He is also a member of Heritage committee of WFRS and is currently in the quest of old roses in Himalayas. He has attended Rose trials in Nyon Switzerland, Baden-Baden, Germany and Saverne, France. He also holds the coveted position of the Treasurer of the World Federation of Rose Societies.

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We are so very happy to welcome you to our seminars on the 3rd and 6th of July at the congress center Kalmarsalen in Kalmar. This will be a unique occasion for all of you who have roses as your special interest to learn more.

This will also be a very good chance for you who work with roses, or perhaps with tending and planning urban environment, to attend seminars where rose experts from all over the world will share their knowledge on different aspects according to the rose.

Starting at 1 195 SEK.