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Charles Quest-Ritson

Rose Expert & Historian

United Kingdom

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Identifying Roses in Old Paintings


The title explains it all. There are two parts to my analysis. First, there is the question – when we look at old paintings with roses in them, can we name the varieties? Then there is a second question – can we use old images of named roses as an aid to naming 'found' roses? The answer to both these questions is more complicated than you might suppose.


Charles Quest-Ritson is a writer, historian and journalist, with a column in the lifestyle magazine Country Life. He is the author of Climbing Roses of the World (Timber Press, 2003) and, jointly with his wife Brigid, of an Encyclopedia of Roses that was first published in UK by Dorling. Kindersley in 2003 and has since been translated into seven languages, including American English.

Charles Quest-Ritson is an author and translator but perhaps best known among rosarians for the Encyclopedia of Roses that he wrote with his wife Brigid and was first published in 2003 and translated into six languages. He also wrote Climbing Roses of the World (2003) which is the most comprehensive treatment of the subject to date. He was for some years a director of the Royal National Rose Society but resigned in 2000. He also chaired the Historic Roses Group in UK and was a member of the RNRS's Trials Committee for 12 years. He loves all roses, old and new, and has two gardens in which to grow them - one on chalk soil in southern England and one on sandy clay in Normandy.

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