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Helle Nebelong

Landscape Architect


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Urban Design with Sensory Experiences in Mind


What makes us feel comfortable in the city? Landscape architect Helle Nebelong circle around that question and focus on multisensory qualities when we plan and design urban environments. With inspiration from United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals and the transversal promise "Leave No One Behind", she recommends design based on an inclusive mindset, that will embrace everybody and strengthen the collective urban memory built by ‘archaeological’ layers over the centuries. She argues that an approach to the design of urban spaces focusing on our senses makes us feel welcome and familiar within the city. Fragrance also plays a role while scent has a special connection to our emotions and identity.

See how an empty Danish city hall square was turned into a sensory garden in seven days and get to know some of the design strategies that characterizes Helle Nebelong’s projects.


Helle Nebelong is a Danish Landscape Architect MAA, MDL and Master of Public Management, MPM. She runs her own private practice specialized in Health Design and focuses on how to improve the city for everyday life. She is internationally recognized as a key pioneer of the natural playground movement. Some of her best-known projects in Copenhagen are The Garden of Senses in Faelledparken and the Nature Playground in Valbyparken. The latter is Copenhagen’s most popular playground and is referred to as “one of the best-designed playgrounds for children in the world” in the Encyclopedia of Play in Today’s Society by Rodney P. Carlisle (SAGE 2009). Murergården's playground is referred to as “an icon for natural play” in The Science of Play by Susan G. Solomons (UPNE 2014). In 2023 a huge park - Ilse and Charles Jobson Natural Play Park – designed by Helle was inaugurated in Illinois, USA.

For more than ten years Helle was employed by the City of Copenhagen (1994-2006). Among others as the team leader of an interdisciplinary team responsible for developing an action plan to improve accessibility in Copenhagen. The Technical and Environmental Administration’s strategy “City for All – Improving the accessibility of the Urban Spaces in Copenhagen” was politically adopted in 2005.

Recent papers:

‘Walking with the Senses Open’ in URBAN DESIGN vol. 165 Winter 2023

‘When There’s Nothing but Nature: The Danish Experience with Natural Playscapes’ in BUILT ENVIRONMENT vol. 47 number 2, 2021

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