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Michael Marriott

Rose Expert

United Kingdom

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Roses are the Most Worthy of All Plants


Roses are the most remarkable group of plants. They are both highly variable and versatile. They vary in size from small plants only a very few tens of centimetres tall to huge ramblers growing tens of metres up into trees. The size of the flower can be tiny, less than a centimetre across up to as much as 20cm and in petal count from 5 to 200. Fragrance too is very variable and indeed are second only to orchids in this respect. They can be planted in all styles and sizes of gardens from the small and intimate to large scale and wild and then everything in between. And of course not forgetting that most have a very long flowering season. No other plant can start to compete with such garden worthiness.


Michael Marriott has been a very keen gardener and plants person from a very early age. Joining David Austin Roses in 1985 gave him the opportunity to specialise in roses and during the 35 years he worked there became one of the world’s leading and most respected rosarians/rose experts. He retired from David Austin Roses in 2019 but has since continued to be very closely involved in the rose world lecturing, writing, consulting, designing rose gardens and leading rose tours. He is author of RHS Roses and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Garden Media Guild in 2022. He is chairman of the Historic Roses Group and vice president of Plant Heritage. Along with his partner Rosie Irving he started TOD garden tours.

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We are so very happy to welcome you to our seminars on the 3rd and 6th of July at the congress center Kalmarsalen in Kalmar. This will be a unique occasion for all of you who have roses as your special interest to learn more.

This will also be a very good chance for you who work with roses, or perhaps with tending and planning urban environment, to attend seminars where rose experts from all over the world will share their knowledge on different aspects according to the rose.

Starting at 1 195 SEK.