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Lukas Rojewski

Founder & First President of the Polish Rose Society


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The Concept of Beauty Versus Contemporary Breeding


I will present two parts of my analysis. In the first part, I will attempt to analyze universal values of the taste of beauty based on contemporary research in the field of socio-behavioral anthropology and neurophysiology.  Each era had its roses, its ideas, shaped by environmental and cultural factors as much as social needs.  

In the second part, I will present how understanding these issues affects my breeding research.


Lukas Rojewski  has over a decade, focused on breeding rose varieties that are frost resistant with sustainable growth responding to climate changes. In my search of new genes, I looked at roses from the Rosa alba group, R.setigera, hybrids of R. × kordesii, R. x virginiana, Geschwind’s roses, Canadian Explorer series and many more. Before getting into rose breeding, As a forester, at the age of 21, I performed my first cross-pollination. However, life wrote another scenario. I started my career in a global corporation that gave me the opportunity to visit a lot of countries and learn about fascinating differences in cultures. After leaving the corporation, I ran my own catering company for over a decade.

When I franchised the business, finally I could devote myself to my long-standing passion for roses and start breeding new rose varieties. I'm privileged to be a member of the Breeders Club at the World Federation of Rose Societies and founder and first president of the Polish Rose Society.

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We are so very happy to welcome you to our seminars on the 3rd and 6th of July at the congress center Kalmarsalen in Kalmar. This will be a unique occasion for all of you who have roses as your special interest to learn more.

This will also be a very good chance for you who work with roses, or perhaps with tending and planning urban environment, to attend seminars where rose experts from all over the world will share their knowledge on different aspects according to the rose.

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