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Lars-Åke Gustavsson

Rose Expert & Botanist


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Summary of the POM-project


The main tasks for Pom can be summarized under the following headings: Inventory and documentation, Collection, evaluation and classification, Comparative cultures, DNA-studies, Studies of literature and archives, Conservation for the future in the National Gene Bank, Increasing the use of the gene bank roses, incl. propagation and publication, Organizing and carrying out research om cultivated plants, i.e. genetic variation, International collaboration, 324 accessions of roses are preserved in the National Gene Bank, which consists of a central collection and 17 clone archives for duplicates scattered in the country. Today, 18 Pom cultivars of roses are sold on the Swedish rose market.


Lars-Åke Gustavsson has a background as a botanist specialist of the high mountain flora of Greece. He was for many years curator at Fredriksdal Open-Air museum in Helsingborg and responsible for the construction of the Rosarium at Fredriksdal as well as the founder of the Swedish Rose Society. Lars-Åke coordinated the nationwide study of older cultivated roses, within The Programme for Diversity of Cultivated Plants and published The rose heritage in the National Gene Bank with college Henrik Morin. He has published 13 books on roses, one of them together with Christina Högardh-Ihr, who is the Head Meeting Planner of this Conference. Lars-Åke’s Rosor för Nordiska trädgårdar (Roses for Nordic gardens) in three volumes is the most important book on roses written for the Swedish and Nordic areas.

Seminar Day Tickets

We are so very happy to welcome you to our seminars on the 3rd and 6th of July at the congress center Kalmarsalen in Kalmar. This will be a unique occasion for all of you who have roses as your special interest to learn more.

This will also be a very good chance for you who work with roses, or perhaps with tending and planning urban environment, to attend seminars where rose experts from all over the world will share their knowledge on different aspects according to the rose.

Starting at 1 195 SEK.