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Robert Ardini

WFRS Vice President of North America

United States

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Great North American Rose Gardens You've Never Heard Of


North America covers an area of about 24,709,000 square kilometers (9,540,000 square miles,) about 16.5% of the earth's land area and about 4.8% of its total surface. With about 20 species roses native to this large land mass, and a rose-friendly climate, one can easily understand why, over the centuries, North America has evolved to possess a plethora of beautiful rose gardens. This lecture will touch upon some of North America's lesser-known outstanding rose gardens. Expect to learn about, and see, not only superb rose gardens, but also count on finding out what makes each and every one of them so very special. One garden, once established, became so successful, it spurred the establishment of a number of other satellite gardens.

Another garden, quite a large one at that, was constructed above a highway tunnel and continues to thrive nonetheless. Then plan to hear about a garden that now contains 7300 impeccably maintained bushes that almost never came to be - because neither the Mayor nor City Council showed any interest in the project. Lastly, despite the best efforts of a garden's horticulture team, the collection had suffered in recent years - as using environmentally-friendly treatments could not outweigh the reality that the garden was made up of a large monoculture of disease-prone Hybrid teas and Floribunda roses in the shadow of large shade trees; fortunately, the problem was recognized and construction was planned to rejuvenate the garden - sacrificing a year of roses in order to take the rose garden in a bold new direction. Whether you are interested in visiting these lesser-known gardens one day, or you simply wish to experience their beauty and unique evolutionary accounts from the comfort of the lecture hall, expect to be wowed by these "Great North American Rose Gardens You've Never Heard Of.


Robert Ardini is a former advertising executive, has traveled to all seven continents, and is a Juilliard-trained pianist. In 2020 he ran for the U.S. Presidency. His campaign prevailed well into the Primary season and was one of the last remaining candidates in the race. Roses are his passion. He is a Life Member of the American Rose Society, served on the Board of Directors, and Chaired the 1992 Centennial Committee. Robert joined his local rose society – the Long Island Rose Society – at the age of 17. His first World Rose Convention was in 1994 in New Zealand.

He resides in New York and is serving his first term as World Federation of Rose Societies Vice President of North America. Robert is particularly fond of the older hybrid teas and floribundas introduced in the mid-20th century - Angel Face, First Prize and Honor to name a few. "Great North American Rose Gardens You've Never Heard Of" is his second lecture at a World Federation of Rose Society Convention. He previously presented the program "Local Rose Society Management" at the World Rose Convention in 2000. Honorary Life Member, Long Island Rose Society, 1995, American Rose Society Silver Honor Medal, 2007, American Rose Society Presidential Citation, 1992.

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